Turning Your Receivables Into Cash

Learn how to use receivable finance to generate immediate cash flow

As you grow and expand your company into new markets, you need access to funds without adding debt or taking risks with your credit. Receivable finance solutions can help you unlock the working capital that’s tied up on your balance sheet by converting your receivables into cash.

Different from other receivables financing solutions, this solution allows you to sell your invoices for early payment well before the actual due date and without any involvement from or disclosure to your customers. A true sale of your receivables, not factoring or a loan, our solution automatically handles all transactions across your multiple customers and provides your company with additional cash flow in different countries and currencies. Download this white paper to learn how to generate cash flow immediately.

  • Sell your receivables to one of over 50 participating global banks
  • Receive payment when you want without client involvement
  • Get paid in as little as two days without creating new debt

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